Say Hello to Booking Hotels with RewardStock

Book your entire reward trip with one platform – RewardStock!  

Now, you can use RewardStock to book your flights and hotel nights with points. Everything you love about booking flights with RewardStock is now available for booking your accommodations.

Explore hotel availability

One of the most time consuming elements of booking hotel nights with points is finding availability. Then, add more time to compare availability and redemptions across different programs.

Our heads hurt just thinking about it.

That’s why we are so excited to release our new feature! You can now search for available accommodations with all of your points on one site.

Book your accommodations with points

Explore available hotels and find one that meets your travel preferences. Whether you want to stay 1 night by the airport or 3 nights in the city center, we’ve got you covered.

After you’ve made your selection, schedule a call with one of our points experts. We’ll make sure everything goes smoothly during the booking process.

Quickly earn points for your next hotel stay

If you need more points, we’ll help you get there in no time! Save a plan and follow the next step to start earning the necessary points.

Our technology will give you personalized advice on how to proceed with turning your dream vacation a reality. The recommendation is based on your portfolio and your travel goals.

Sometimes the next step is to continuing spending on a rewards card that’s currently in your wallet or to apply for a new card to get a bunch of points quickly.

We are very excited about our suite, new feature! With the addition of hotels to the site, you can now book flights and hotels to all of our supported destinations.

Start searching hotels with RewardStock today!

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