RewardStock member just booked 5 nights at a hotel in Barcelona for $0

This week’s User Success Story is extra suite! Please excuse our corny hotel jokes. We are excited and just can’t help it.

Not only did a RewardStock member save more than $8,000 on an upcoming trip to Barcelona! But, the latest booking also marks a huge milestone for the RewardStock team – our first hotel booking!

Trip Details

Thanks to points, this RewardStock member saved 98% off the cash cost of the trip! They paid $170.26 + 280,000 points for 2 round trip, business class flights to Barcelona and $0 + 200,000 points for 5 hotel nights.

They saved $6,495.74 on flights and $1,972.73 on hotels. Bringing their total savings to $8,468.47.

RewardStock member saved almost $2,000 on 5 hotel nights in Barcelona

Reward Travel Lessons

Remember those dreaded fuel surcharges and taxes and fees that we’ve mentioned in previous user success stories? Well, things are a little bit different for hotels.

When you book a hotel with points, there aren’t always mandatory taxes and fees. It’s important to note that each hotel is different. But, that’s where RewardStock can help. Use our technology to find the best redemptions for your travel preferences.

If you do have to pay any cash for your hotel, it is usually for taxes. The rate is dictated by the city or state the hotel is located in. You may also see charges for a resort fee (think towels, water, etc), so make sure you read the fine print. Learn more about “free” hotel nights in Chapter 2 of the Ultimate Guide to Reward Travel.

Did we mention that we released hotel bookings? Now, you can use RewardStock to book your reward flights and hotel nights with points.

Want to be our next User Success Story? We love hearing about your travel savings. Share your experience with the team and send a note to to be featured.

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