RewardStock 2019 Update

What’s new with RewardStock? 

You may have noticed quite a few changes with RewardStock since our last update. We have been working hard to release new features and continue to make updates to the site, all while supporting our members booking trips around the world with points.

We’ll highlight a few of the big moments.

Over the past year, members have saved nearly half a million dollars on travel booked through RewardStock by maximizing their travel reward points.

Hotel search and bookings are now available on RewardStock. The launch of this feature expands our service to include flights and accommodations for travelers using and earning points.

With the release of “Book Anywhere,” we have significantly increased the number of supported origin airports and travel destinations. As a result of this new feature, you can search for reward flights and hotels anywhere in the world and get results back within 72 hours. You may also get instant results for the following supported origin and destination airports.

Earlier this month, we launched an updated automatic point balance tracking. Now, you can link your loyalty accounts in RewardStock, so your point balances will be automatically updated on a routine basis. We’ll make sure your RewardStock profile is up-to-date.

The redesigned, results page displays more details about the value of each redemption. The new rating compares the current ¢ / point value for the selected flight or hotel to the program’s average value. Therefore, you have a more clear understanding of how your points are being redeemed and maximized.

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Where are RewardStock Members Traveling with Points?

RewardStock Members have saved nearly half a million dollars by using points since November 2018! The average member saved 91% off the cash cost of their flights and hotels, some saved even more.

Popular Destinations: New York, London, Los Angeles

Average User Savings: 91% off cash cost

Recent User Success Stories

  • Asheville: 1 hotel night for $0 + 12,000 points
  • Amsterdam: 2 round trip economy flights for $0 + 174,000 points 
  • Barcelona: members saved $8,469 on 2 round trip business class flights + 5 hotel nights
  • Denver: round trip flight for $11.20 + 12,579 points
  • Dubai: 2 one-way, business class flights for $21 + 170,000 points
  • London: 1 round trip, economy ticket for $0 + 28,144 points
  • Los Angeles: 2 hotel nights for $0 + 24,000 points
  • Maldives: 2 economy tickets for $820 + 158,000 points for their honeymoon
  • New York City: member saved $328 on a round trip flight
  • Paris: members saved $3,219 on 2 roundtrip, economy tickets
  • Rome: 2 round trip flights for $155.46 + 176,000 points
  • Sydney: 2 one-way business class flights for $55.80 + 160,000 points
  • Tahiti: members saved $2,321 on 2 round trip, economy flights for their honeymoon
  • Washington DC: one-way flight for $5.60 + 5,000 points

Learn more about RewardStock’s 2019 trending destinations.

Product Updates

We briefly touched on a few of the new features and site updates in the introduction. In this section, we’ll go into more detail about the offering and most importantly, how they make traveling with points easier for you.

Complete your travel itinerary with hotels

Now, you can use RewardStock to book your flights and hotels with points. You no longer have to spend hours searching through different websites and loyalty programs for hotel availability. Do it all with RewardStock!

Simply type in your desired destination and travel dates into the search bar. From the dropdown menu, turn on “hotels”.

Once you have completed the search, we’ll show you available hotels, as well as the possible point redemptions. If you don’t have enough points just yet, we’ll help you create a plan to earn more for this trip. 

Whether you want to stay near the airport or in the city center, we can help! Learn more about booking your hotel with RewardStock.

Travel anywhere in the world with points

The world is a big place, full of new adventures and destinations. We are excited to make traveling around the world with points even easier with the release of our new “Book Anywhere” feature.

This feature makes it possible for you to search for flights and hotels from any origin to any destination via the search menu. If your location is not included on our list of instantly available destinations, we’ll do some research and get back to you with the results. Once the results are in, we’ll send an email letting you know what’s available, typically within 24-72 hours.

We love it when users ask our system to find new routes that they care about! If you have questions, please send us a note. We’d love to help you book your next trip with points.

Automatically track your point balances

We recommend building a diverse portfolio of points – frequent flyer miles, hotel points and credit card rewards. All of those points and loyalty programs are a lot to keep track of. Not any more!

Earlier this month, we relaunched our automatic point tracking. Now, you can view your up-to-date, point portfolio from your RewardStock dashboard. 

To link your loyalty accounts, go to “My Points” on your dashboard and follow this helpful guide to setup automatic point tracking for your airline and hotel loyalty programs. Or, you can continue to manually update your points.

RewardStock tip: it’s always a good idea to make sure your point balances are accurate before running a search. Our technology considers the points you have when interpreting the search results and making point earning recommendations. With automatic point tracking, you’ll save you time updating your points!

Is this the best use of my points?

For most reward bookings, there are several ways you can pay for the same flight or hotel room with points. Our technology takes into account the possible point transfers, portal redemptions and direct bookings on the airline or hotel website. All of this analysis may seem complicated, but that’s the benefit of using RewardStock. These calculations are going on behind the scenes. You don’t have to worry about it.

We enhanced the results page to include more information about the value of redeeming your points for the selected itinerary. Each redemption has a letter grade, which represents the redemption rating. We rank each redemption with familiar letter grades so you can decide if you want to move forward, or save your points for something more valuable in the future.

How is this grade calculated? We are strong believers that not all points are equal. Our technology compares the current ¢ / point value for your selected flight or hotel to the program average. The rating tells you if this is the best use of your points.

Company News

We’ve shared our User Success Stories, highlighted recent bookings and detailed the latest product updates. Believe it not, we’ve got even more news to share!

From the Dorm Room to the Board Room Podcast

In May, RewardStock Founder and CEO, Jon Hayes, was the guest on the “From the Dorm Room to the Board Room” podcast, which focuses on providing advice for students transitioning from college to the workforce. 

During the interview with host Andy Molinsky, Jon discussed the evolution of his career and the path that ultimately lead to becoming an entrepreneur. You don’t want to miss his great tip about finding confidence in yourself. Here’s the link to the full interview, Episode 017: Ordinary People Solve Extraordinary Problems.


The “From the Dorm Room to the Board Room” interview was featured on Forbes. The article by Andy Molinsky highlights the moment Jon decided to leave his job as an investment banker on Wall Street and start RewardStock. He even spills a few details about Shark Tank. Read the full article, Find Your Dream Job By Planning Your Own Honeymoon

New Addition to the Team

Have you seen our new highlights on Instagram? That (plus a whole lot more) is thanks to the hard work of our summer intern, Corina. She worked with the RewardStock team this summer learning the ins and out of startup life. We wish her the best in the coming school year!

Emmy® Buzz

Unfortunately, the rumors aren’t true.

RewardStock Founder and CEO, Jon Hayes, was not nominated for an Emmy®. But, our friends over at ABC’s “Shark Tank” got 3 Emmy® Award nominations, and we couldn’t be happier for them! We’d like to think that we can share a little bit in the celebration of this honor. After all, Jon was cast as an entrepreneur on the reality program. Check out the Emmy® Award nominations.

As you can see, we’ve made a lot of advancements to RewardStock over the past year. We’re continuing to make reward traveler easier for travelers just like you. Get started today with our 7-day free trial. 

We look forward to helping you #GoWithPoints in 2020!

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