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We see rewards differently. You should too!

Just about everyone loves amazing travel experiences. But many people get a lot less than they’d like because they don’t know a secret that’s hidden in plain sight: it is possible –  easy, even – to plan your way to as much travel as you want. If that sounds crazy to you, we understand. Read below to see how RewardStock founder Jon Hayes went from a rewards “skeptic” to a world traveler.


It all started back in 2011.

I was working on Wall Street when I got a call from my brother, asking if I wanted to join him on a trip around South America. Before I could say yes, my first question was “how much will flights and hotels cost?” He explained that he had been researching reward points for several months and had figured out a strategic way to get business class tickets for just $2.50How is that possible!? With a huge amount of skepticism and reservations about whether this was all going to work, I agreed to play along and follow his lead. After following his instructions closely, we booked the trip for a ridiculously low cost. Despite having confirmations from the world’s largest airlines and hotel chains, I must admit I was still nervous that someone would figure out we paid so little and stop us from taking off! I mean, come on. I got a business class ticket for the price of a pack of gum!

That nervous energy quickly turned into pure excitement! Sure enough, we got through security and then boarded the plane (before everyone else, since we were in business class). I sat in my comfortable, business class seat with lots of leg room and couldn’t help but wonder, “this has to be too good to be true, right?” It’s really good, but it’s also true! I have a passport full of stamps to prove it!

That was it. My relationship with travel had changed forever.

Fast forward 2 years, my wife and I started to plan our wedding and honeymoon. I spent three weeks researching destinations and trying to figure out which credit cards, airlines and hotels partnered together to create a points earning strategy. It was a lot of work, but the payoff was huge. We flew First Class to the Maldives, and stayed for 8 nights in a $1,000+ per night over-the-water villa. It was magical, and fortunately cost us just around $200 combined instead of the over $40,000 retail price tag.

When we got back from an unforgettable honeymoon to the Maldives, I decided that I wanted to get these results without having to do so much work, and I thought that computer algorithms would make my life a lot easier. It also struck me that tons of other people would want to have awesome experiences like this without having to pay an arm and a leg. So I quit my job, moved back to my hometown in North Carolina and created a web application to make traveling with points easier for everyone!

We didn’t invent reward travel (millions of people do this stuff every year), but we’ve made traveling with points a whole lot easier. We are dedicated to creating a technology that helps you achieve your travel goals with points. Whether your goal is to go more often, go more exotic, or go in more luxury, we are the solution.

RewardStock’s goal is to help you generate more value from rewards than any other site.



RewardStock enables members to GO on their next vacation and save over 90% by using our proprietary algorithm to help users earn, optimize, and apply points.

We want to help you go there with points – wherever ‘there’ is!