At RewardStock, our goal is to help you save money on travel by maximizing travel reward points. In this case study, we’ll examine how RewardStock Users Hud and Vicki earned travel reward points and paid just $200 for first class tickets to Hong Kong.

Travel Goals

Vicki and I want to visit 60 countries and all 7 continents by the time we are 60 years old. Taking a luxury trip across Asia seemed like a great way to work towards that goal! After we decided on Hong Kong, we needed a plan to earn and maximize travel reward points to pay for our flights.


Hud on Cathay Pacific first class.

Earn Travel Reward Points


Vicki and I began planning 1 year before our trip with very low points balances to start.



We were a long way from the 135,000 points per person we would need for this trip, so we developed a points acquisition strategy with RewardStock. Here’s our step-by-step strategy:



We were able to fund our trip by each applying for two new credit cards, earning big sign-on bonuses, combining those points with our existing points and making some smart transfers to take advantage of partner redemptions. The earning plan was outlined thanks to RewardStock!


Maximize Travel Reward Points


We met the required spending (about $4,000) in two months and got the bonus points credited to our accounts. Then, it was a matter of allocating those points strategically and following the final steps in our RewardStock plan.



We took advantage of partner redemptions to get there. Cathay Pacific is an alliance partner with American, so Vicki and I were able to book the flight to Hong Kong with our AAdvantage Miles on Cathay Pacific for the best value.



Done and done! First Class round trip flights to Hong Kong for two. $198.20 of taxes and fees. The flights retailed for nearly $40,000.00, but thanks to RewardStock we saved 99% by using points.



Because we paid for the flight with points, we had cash for activities and fine dining on the trip. We had a lot of fun with Lucy the elephant!



Now we’re on to planning our next trip. 60 countries here we come!


Travel Rewards Summary


After completing their RewardStock plan, Vicki and Hud were able to book first class tickets to Hong Kong for less than $200. They each opened two new credit cards and earned over 130,000 points in 2 months by spending no more than they normally would. They maximized the value of their points by taking advantage of airline alliances. Our algorithm takes all of the alliances into consideration when showing you a plan. For more information on airline alliances, check out our blog post here.

Join RewardStock today to start planning your next trip with points! Our technology creates a tailored plan based on your current point portfolio, monthly budget and destination. Don’t have any points? No problem! We’ll tell you which points you need and how to earn them quickly. You could be our next User Success Story.


Disclaimer: Sign-on bonuses and point redemptions are subject to change. Please check for the most up-to-date offerings.

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