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When should I call the credit card reconsideration line?

When should I call the credit card reconsideration line?

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You applied for a new credit card and your application is pending or denied. Now what? Here’s everything you need to know before calling the reconsideration line.

First of all, your application is initially screened by a computer algorithm. Therefore, all of your application details must match the computer’s criteria exactly.  For that reason, your application may be pending or denied.

The next step is to call the bank’s reconsideration line. The goal of the call is to learn more about why your application wasn’t instantly approved.

Four Things to Keep in Mind when Calling the Reconsideration Line:

  1. Be kind: The representatives that you get on the phone typically deals with rude and unhappy customers. Please don’t be a rude or unhappy customer! Be patient and treat them like a person.
  2. Be timely: Call within 30 days of your application. The sooner the better. Not only because you want to change their decision, but in many cases, banks can and will re-run your credit score after a certain period of time. If you wait more than 30 days, this will result in an additional inquiry for the same credit card.
  3. Be prepared: You will be asked questions to verify your personal information and why you applied for the card. Be honest. Never lie on a credit application or to the representative.
  4. Be patient: The representative will probably ask you a series of questions. Their job is to make sure everything is matching up on your application. Answer all questions to your full understanding.

It’s important to remember that calling the reconsideration line can offer some insight into your application status. Above all, it may help correct their decision.

Reconsideration Line Phone Numbers

American Express Reconsideration Line:


Chase Reconsideration Line:


Citi Reconsideration Line: