I’m engaged. Should my fiancé and I both open the same cards?

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Yes, you and your fiancé should both open the same cards. That way, you earn twice the points and have the same points to use when booking a trip. After all, it’s better to be on the same flight when it’s your honeymoon!

For example: a card has a 50,000 point sign-up bonus. If only one of you gets the card, you are earning 50,000 points. If both you and your significant other get the same card, you now have 100,000 points to work with.

RewardStock Tips:

Planning a wedding puts you at a great advantage over the rest of the population to earn travel reward points. You should always get a new card to maximize big sign-up bonuses with spending you’re already going to be doing for your wedding costs. Otherwise you waste the best opportunity you’ll ever have to earn massive amounts of travel rewards.

Stagger applications

Since earning the bonuses usually requires spending a fixed amount within the first 3 months of opening the card, we recommend staggering your applications by a month or two. For example, one person should get the card, and work through the spending requirements. When you’re more than halfway to meeting that requirement, your fiancé can get their own version of the card. This reduces the overlapping deadlines. If a card has a $2,000 spend requirement to get the bonus points, it can be easier to spend $4,000 over 6 months than $4,000 over 3 months if you don’t stagger the applications.

Authorized User

You should also consider adding your fiancé as an authorized user to your account, for various reasons, but they should also have their own card. You are unique individuals with your own social security numbers. Therefore, you can each qualify for your own credit cards.

Start early

It takes a few months to earn the points you’ll need to reduce your honeymoon costs. So don’t wait. It never helps to delay earning points. Get your new cards as soon as you get engaged, so you can earn points on all your wedding-related purchases, like dresses, venues, photographers, bands, flowers, and everything else! The longer you wait, the fewer chances you have to earn points on these purchases.

For larger trips, the more points you can get the better. Many honeymoon destinations require long flights or expensive hotels. So, any of that cost that can be offset with credit card sign-up bonuses should. Here’s an example of an engaged couple that followed RewardStock’s plans and applied for their own cards and took a luxury honeymoon to Australia!


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