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How to navigate your flight search results

How to navigate your flight search results

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Follow this step-by-step guide for navigating your flight search results. Our software sorts through all the possible options to find the best combination of flights and points for you. It’s easy! You’ll be booking your next trip with RewardStock in no time.

For this guide, we are searching for flights to New York City in December 2019.

Step 1: Review Your Search Results

Step 1: Review Search Results

Sort & Filter Your Flight Options

Filter the results to find the flight that best meets your travel needs. 

Sort & filter the search results based on:

  • Best Value Rating – sort flights based on the value of the redemption, with the best redemptions listed first
  • Lowest Cash Cost – find flights with the lowest cash cost
  • Total Travel Time – filter flights based on travel time, with the shortest travel time listed first
  • Departure Time – view flights based on departure time, with the earliest departure time listed first
  • Points – sort based on flights that you currently have enough points to book or flights that require you to earn more points
  • Number of stops – filter flights based on the number of stops
  • Airlines – view flights on a specific airlines
  • Airports – filter results based on departure, connecting and arrival airports

Sort flight search results by best rating, travel time and departure time

Step 2: Select Outbound Flight

Click “Options” to expand flight options for each airline.

Step 2: select options from search results

Choose the outbound flight that fits your travel preferences.

Step 2: select outbound flight from search results

Next up, your return flight.

Step 3: Select Return Flight

Select the return flight that meets your travel preferences.

Step 3: Select return flight from search results

Step 4: Review Your Itinerary

Review the date, time and flight selection(s) for your new itinerary.

Step 7: review itinerary, date, time, flight selection and hotel option

If you are not satisfied with the selected itinerary, click ‘Choose Different Departing (or Return) Flight’ to review additional options.

Step 7 Choose a different flight or hotel

Step 5: Select “Book Now” or “Save Plan”

Select ‘Book Now’ to book the itinerary as is. Follow this guide to booking flights with RewardStock.

Select ‘Save Plan’ to continue earning points or come back to this plan at a later time. If you do not have enough points yet, RewardStock provides a strategic earning plans to save more money on this trip.

Saved Travel Plans

The itinerary for your trip to New York City will be saved under ‘My Travel Plans’ if you selected ‘Save Plan.’

Step 8: my travel plans

Next Step

The next step in the plan is to apply for the recommended credit card or continue your budgeted, monthly spending on a card that is already in your wallet. The personalized recommendation is made under ‘My Travel Plans.

Step 6: next step in my travel plan

Note: credit card offers change all the time. This is an example. Please complete a search to get the best recommendation for you based on your portfolio and our current offers.

Check for Updates

After you’ve earned the rest of the points, go back to ‘My Travel Plans’ and select ‘Check for Updates’ to re-run the search and update availability. It is possible that availability and pricing have changed since the last time you searched. Unfortunately, we do not control availability.

Step 8: update my travel plans

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