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Is there an event for booking flights to the Olympics with reward points? If there was, we’d give Gordon a gold medal!

We’re excited to share our latest User Success Story. Gordon maximized travel rewards to saved more than 91% off of the cash cost of two flights to Tokyo for the 2020 Summer Olympics. Learn more about his Olympic-size savings!

We used [RewardStock] to find deals on flights and hotels for an upcoming trip we’re taking to Japan during the Olympics. Even 10 months out, they were able to find some great deals on both. The service also taught me the value of signing up for various travel rewards credit cards, in order to get the signup bonuses and start amassing points/miles. We saved more than $1,000 on our flights and got some free hotel nights as well. I will definitely be using this again.


RewardStock Plan

Gordon joined RewardStock in January 2019 with an interest to earn more travel rewards. He created a profile, ran a few searches and was ready to get started earning points.

To meet his travel goals, Gordon was matched with a new travel reward credit card by our RewardBoost technology. This personalized recommendation took into account his monthly budget, current reward portfolio and the searches he made in RewardStock. 

After a few months, he met the minimum spend and received the sign-up bonus. Now, with the points in his account, Gordon was ready to book his trip to Tokyo for the Summer Olympics, plus a week long stopover in one of his favorite cities, Singapore.

If Gordon paid cash for this itinerary, it would have cost almost $3,700. Instead, he paid just $316 out of pocket. That’s more than $3,300 in savings thanks to travel rewards. 

He maximized United MileagePlus Miles and Delta SkyMiles to book the flights.

Trip Details

Chicago > Singapore
2 Travelers
He Paid: $239.80 + 70,000 points
Cash Value: $1,984.80
Savings: $1,745.00

Singapore > Tokyo
2 Travelers
He Paid: $75.80 + 40,000 points
Cash Value: $1,654.00
Savings: $1,578.20

Reward Travel Tip

If you’re just getting started with reward travel, here’s a tip for planning your next trip with points: plan ahead! Especially if you’re planning around a huge, worldwide event like the Olympics. It’s true that the early bird gets the worm.

RewardStock makes maximizing your travel reward points easy, but the process of earning points takes some time and effort by the member. The fastest way to earn points is to meet the minimum spend and earn a large sign-up bonus from a new credit card. 

Let’s keep with the Olympics theme. Earning points is like training, the preparation for before the big event. Just like athletes don’t start training the day before the Olympic Trials, Gordon didn’t start earning points the week before he wanted to book this trip. He started months ago.

We recommend planning a large trip 9-12 months in advance. Most airlines release their schedules 330 days in advance. Planning ahead is important because booking your flight when schedules are released typically gives you the best availability and pricing.

We love hearing success stories from our members! Can’t wait to catch up with Gordon when he gets back from Tokyo.

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