Patt and Paul, new RewardStock members, booked business class flights to Thailand and Spain for the trip of a lifetime. By using travel rewards, they saved more than 97% off the cash cost of their flights.

We’re excited to share our latest User Success Story. Patt and Paul, new RewardStock members, booked business class flights to Thailand and Spain for the trip of a lifetime. By using travel rewards, they saved more than 97% off the cash cost of their flights. Learn more about how much they saved!

Absolutely recommend! We joined, populated our points and asked for assistance booking one-way business-class flights – we are going around the world on points! Easy peasy! Team member Hud researched flights by our preferred dates and made recommendations for making the most of our credit card points (combining airline and hotel points we’ve had but didn’t know how to efficiently use). We have a series of one-way flights with multiple planned stop-overs with side-trips on local airlines/trains that we will book ourselves. RewardStock is absolutely one of the best investments we’ve made, ever!


The RewardStock Plan

Patt and Paul joined RewardStock looking for help maximizing their travel reward points to book a trip to Europe and Asia next year. The first leg of their trip is to Bangkok, where they are celebrating 50 years of marriage (Huge congratulations from the RewardStock team! We wish you many more years of happiness).

Next stop: Madrid for a few weeks to visit family in Spain.

If Patt and Paul paid cash for this itinerary, it would have cost almost $24,000. Instead, they paid just $636 out of pocket. That’s more than $23,000 in savings thanks to travel rewards. 

They maximized Chase Ultimate Rewards, United MileagePlus Miles, Delta SkyMiles and Marriott Bonvoy Points to book their flights.

Trip Details

North Carolina > Bangkok
2 Business Class Flights
They Paid: $40 + 180,000 points
Cash Value: $7,421
Savings: $7,381

Thailand > Madrid
2 Business Class Flights
They Paid: $41 + 200,055 points
Cash Value: $5,227
Savings: $5,186

Madrid > North Carolina
2 Business Class Flights
They Paid: $556 + 241,235 points
Cash Value: $11,289
Savings: $10,733

Travel Reward Tips

If you’re just getting started with reward travel, here are a couple of tips and takeaways. 

Diverse Points Portfolio

First of all, Patt and Paul both have diverse points portfolios. Which means, they each have a mix of credit card rewards, frequent flyer miles and hotel points that can be redeemed with various loyalty programs. This type of portfolio can be helpful for booking trips with multiple travelers and stopovers. Having points in different programs means more options for booking your trip. Although, it’s important to note that having a couple hundred points in a handful of loyalty programs can spread your points too thin. And, ultimately not be enough points in any loyalty program to book your trip.

If you currently have a few points across several loyalty programs, don’t get discouraged. That’s where we can help! Start your 7-day free trial with RewardStock and find out how you can quickly earn more points. Our technology will analyze the points you already have and provide a personalized recommendation on the next step so you too can #GoWithPoints.

One-way Flights

Second, this itinerary highlights the benefit of booking multiple one-way flights. It’s typically important to be on the same flight as the person you are traveling with. However, that can be difficult when travelers have different point portfolios. For example, one traveler may have all their points with Delta and the other has points with United and American.

Each loyalty program has its own rules, and sometimes additional fees, when it comes to combining points between different travelers – even spouses. That’s where one-way flights can come in handy. For example, one traveler could use his/her points to book 2 one-way flights to Bangkok on one airline. While the other traveler, books 2 one-way flights to Madrid on another airline. An additional benefit to booking a one-way flight for both travelers is that you are now on the same itinerary.

We love hearing success stories from our members, especially when the trip is celebrating a 50-year wedding anniversary in Thailand and visiting family in Spain! We can’t wait to catch up with Patt and Paul when they get back!

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