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The Ultimate Guide to Reward Travel

The most detailed guide to earning and using frequent flyer miles, hotel and credit card points for reward travel.

Why Did We Write This Guide?

This guide was written to help more people experience the awesomeness of using reward points. It’s your turn to travel all over the world with points! There’s so much that you can do if you know these travel reward concepts. We’re here to share the knowledge that has helped us travel all over the world – usually in first or business class – for almost no cash!

Who Should Read This?

If you have a bunch of reward points, this guide is for you because we’ll show you how to make the most of them. Or maybe you have no points at all but have a desire to travel, this guide is definitely for you because we’ll teach you the basic concepts that will help you earn a ton of points quickly. If you’re taking a honeymoon and want to get first-class flights and luxury accommodations for less than the cost of a fancy dinner — this guide is unmistakably for you!

Chapter One: Reward Basics

Maybe you think you know about rewards, but do you really know what other people are getting with their points? Are you being left behind? We’ll take you through the key concepts so you’ll be able to get more. Spoiler alert: yes, you actually can travel for just about nothing. Go to chapter one.

Chapter Two: Reward Travel

The insider techniques that experts use to travel for almost no cash. And when there is cash required, we walk you through what that’s for and how to reduce it even further. Go to chapter two.

Chapter Three: Who Really Pays for My Trip?

We pull back the curtain and let you in on the behind-the-scenes transactions that actually make nearly-free travel possible. Somebody’s paying for it, but you’ll be surprised to find out who. Go to chapter three.

Chapter Four: How Do Credit Scores Factor In?

The most terrifying subject in the world: credit scores! Actually, it’s not so scary once you understand how credit works. Our finance expert unpacks the real drivers of credit scores, and shows you how to maintain perfect credit while regularly applying for new credit cards. Go to chapter four.

Chapter Five: Why You Need Some Help

You’ve gotten this far and maybe you’re thinking “this is too easy.” We tell you why that’s wrong, but also how you can use our tool to really make things simpler. Go to chapter five.

Simply put, you can choose to travel for almost no cash. Use this guide to take your travel to the next level.