The Ultimate Guide to Airline and Hotel Loyalty Programs

Want to travel with points? The first thing you need to do is sign up for loyalty programs with all the major airline and hotel programs. Almost all major airlines and hotels have their own program. 


How do you sign up for airline and hotel loyalty programs?

Great news! The signup process is quick, easy and free. Typically, all you need is your email address, first name, last name and address: the basics. You are not required to use all the loyalty programs, but having an account is an important part of earning and using points with these programs. It also allows you to transfer points from other programs.


What do you mean transfer points?

Large credit card issuers (Chase, Citi, American Express) have travel transfer partners. They take advantage of airline and hotel loyalty programs to reward users. For example, you can transfer Chase points to hotels like Hyatt and Marriott. See the full list of Chase transfer partners here.

Taking advantage of transfer partners typically provides a better value for your rewards. The credit card partnerships provide flexibility for earning and using points. Think about it like diversifying your financial portfolio. The credit card reward points are transferable to multiple loyalty programs, not just one.

Don’t worry. RewardStock’s technology understands all of the partnerships, so you don’t have to. We recommend the best way to maximize your points. We simplify the process and get you the most for your points.


What can you get with points?

There are two main goals for using travel rewards:

  • Free flights
  • Free hotel nights


Sign me up!

What are you waiting for? Start signing up today to earn frequent flyer miles and hotel loyalty points.




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Okay, I have joined a bunch of loyalty programs. Now what?

RewardStock keeps track of all of your reward points. You can update your account with your points manually or sign up for automatic updates.

When searching for flights and hotels on RewardStock, it is important for your account information to be up to date in order to get the best recommendations. Check your user dashboard today.

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