Chump Change, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Free Travel

What’s better than traveling for free? Teaching other people how to travel for free!

We participated in October’s #RTP180 discussion. For those of you not from the Triangle area, RTP 180° brings together local companies, community members and the surrounding universities to explore topics. The event provides a unique insight into the interests of the local, Research Triangle Park region of North Carolina – this month’s topic was travel.

Check out the presentations below and you’ll be a travel pro!

Local speakers included: |

Josh Adell | RewardStock

Marcey Rader | Work Well, Play More

Hank & Amy Hoffmeier | The Wanderlust Dilemma

Cat Crews | Unanchor


We had a great time participating in the discussion, meeting local travelers, networking with the travel community and sharing the RewardStock story. Check out the upcoming #RTP180 events

hawaii sunsetreferee pointing