Small Business Owner Saved $1,575 on Trade Show Travel

Are you a business owner? Are you currently earning reward points for your regular business expenses by using a business credit card? What if we told you that you could be. We are excited to share our latest User Success Story!

Trade shows are a great way to network, meet new customers and enrich business relationships. The potential opportunity for growth seems like a no brainer. That is, until you take into account the related expenses – flights, hotels, booth space, swag, samples, marketing materials, etc. They all add up, especially for small businesses.

When Josh joined RewardStock, he was in the market for a new business credit card. As the owner of a new company, Josh wanted to find a way to maximize reward points to continue to grow his business, Caruca. He saw an opportunity to earn reward points while paying for budgeted business expenses.

The points he earned from everyday work expenses came in handy when the industry’s largest trade show was announced in Orlando. Josh redeemed the points from business credit card to pay for round trip flights and accommodations.

Here’s what Josh has to say about working with RewardStock to get a card recommendation and book his trip to Orlando:

I was really impressed by how quick and easy RewardStock made it to not only apply for and get the right credit card for my business, but to make that credit card work for me. I wasn’t doing anything different, just paying for normal business expenses, just doing it with my new business credit card.

When it came time to book travel and lodging for our team in Orlando I knew I had a bunch of points saved up, but wasn’t sure how to make the most of them. Well, thanks AGAIN to RewardStock, within 10 or 15 minutes I was able to book 3 two-way flights, all at different times for different people, and a three night stay at a really nice Condo in Orlando, all booked with points!

As a young, growing business every dollar we spend matters. Being able to save so much money on this trip was massive for us, and not only that, the whole process was MUCH easier than I expected. I can’t thank RewardStock enough for making this possible, and I can say with full confidence that I absolutely wouldn’t have done it without them.

The Result

Josh and two of his colleagues flew to Orlando for $33.60 + 20,378 points. He saved $966.40 on flights. Josh also booked three nights at a three bedroom condo for $0 + 48,708 points, saving $608.85 on accommodations. That brings the savings total to $1,575.25!

Trip Details

RewardStock member saved 1575 on flights and accommodations for a business trade show

Business Credit Cards

As a startup, we understand the need to save money, especially on travel. After all, that’s our founding principle at RewardStock.

This User Success Story is a great example of how earning reward points does not require a change in behavior. As well as, show how the return can impact your business. Josh’s budgeted work expenses earned valuable reward points that were in turn redeemed to pay for his travel expenses to an industry trade show in Orlando.

Business owners have a unique opportunity to be able to earn points with both business and personal cards. At RewardStock, we typically recommend that business owners get both business and personal cards that earn points within the same program. If the account holder is the same person for both the business and personal cards, all points can be pulled into the same account.

Having a business and personal credit card will also help keep the business and personal expenses separate. Ask any financial planner, and they will advise to never blur the lines of business and personal expenses. Having two cards can make your accounting easier.

Another added benefit is the bonus categories. They are typically different for business and personal credit cards. For example, some business cards earn multiple points in categories like cell phones payments, internet bills, and office supplies. While, personal cards will earn multiple points on things like dining and travel. Learn more about the benefits of business credit cards for business owners and who qualifies for a business credit card.

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