RewardStock Saved Us $1,000!

Have you heard? RewardStock has already saved our users thousands of dollars in cash on travel! Yes, we said THOUSANDS. Let that sink in a minute…To highlight these real-world success stories, we want to share with you a new feature called “Saver of the Month”. You may have seen these videos or quotes on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube accounts (please follow if you haven’t!), but if not here’s your chance.

Jordan’s Success Story – “We Saved $1,000 On A Recent Trip to Dallas”

Jordan and her boyfriend are moving to Dallas and they needed to house hunt. With the tight schedule between learning they were moving and needing to find a place, the price of flights from Raleigh-Durham to Dallas was high. A few months ago, RewardStock recommended a top credit card for her to open based on her unique profile. She followed that advice, and as a result earned a big sign-on bonus and had all the reward points needed when it came time to book this trip.

By using RewardStock’s strategies, they were able to save over $1,000 on their flights! That’s money that can be used to help with moving expenses, new furniture, or anything else. Way to go, Jordan!



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