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We have great reviews from our users.

RewardStock members are having amazing travel experiences and paying for them with points and miles. So far this year, the average savings is 90% off the cash cost of the trip. That’s a ton of money saved!

See what our users are saying about RewardStock.

I thought I knew a lot about traveling well on a budget and using points, but it turns out I was pretty amateur - this company has a team of black-belt travel ninjas that have really educated me and provided with me with tools to understand how to maximize my credit card portfolio and leverage points on a whole new level.

They have supported me through the entire process from getting my first credit card, to breaking down our trip into manageable pieces to book at different times and get the most value for my points. They are always willing to chat with me on the phone (calling promptly at the scheduled time) to delve into specific situations that are beyond the scope of the chat window. RewardStock has changed my life. There will be no going back!

Got this app with zero experience traveling or understanding of how to use points. Stunned at the amount of personal support I received through email & phone! I just returned with my wife & daughter from a London/Paris trip. I would never have been able to pull this off by myself. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!

I’ve done this by myself in the past and it took so much time that it almost didn't seem worth it. I got on the phone with RewardStock, and it took one hour and I got flights to Hawaii for 4 people and only spent $45. I also saved a bunch of points and now can use them on to pay for my hotel rooms.

I absolutely would recommend RewardStock to anyone who is looking to book travel using reward points or get information about which credit cards will best help you get to your travel goals quickest! I wouldn't consider booking reward travel without relying on their expertise!

RewardStock provides an excellent service that will allow families and friends to have memorable travel experiences together at a very low cost. They have definitely earned my business for years to come!