RewardStock Member Saved $973 on 2 Round Trip Flights to Seattle

This week’s User Success Story takes us to the Pacific Northwest with 100% savings on flights.

Whether you want to explore this vibrant city or hike the breathtaking trails in Mt. Rainier National Park – Seattle is full of adventures for all types of travelers. Add saving $973 on flights and this trip has the makings of an amazing long weekend!

Check out the full trip breakdown.

Trip Details

RewardStock Member Saved $973 on 2 Round Trip Flights to Seattle

Reward Travel Lessons

You might be wondering how this member paid $0 for flights. What about the taxes and fees you guys are always talking about? This booking was completed through a bank travel portal. Many banks have their own travel portal, which allows card holders to redeem points to book travel at a fixed rate. By booking through a travel portal, you can use your points to cover the cost plus taxes and fees.

Our algorithm analyzes all the possible scenarios to use your points and save a ton of money on travel. Sometimes this means transferring your points to a partner airline. Other times, the best redemption option is to book your hotel through a bank’s travel portal.

Each case is different. Booking travel is not a one size fits all solution. Our results and recommendations are specific to the needs of the traveler and the trip they are searching. This is where our technology makes a huge difference. It helps you save money, but it also saves you a lot of time searching all the redemption options yourself.

Most of the time, there are several options for booking a trip with points.  We find what’s available across many programs and help you book the trip quickly. Learn more about points transfers, partnerships and the value of rewards in Chapter 5 of The Ultimate Guide to Reward Travel.

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