RewardStock Member Saved $490 on 4 One-Way Flights to Cancun

We are excited to share our latest User Success Story. A new, RewardStock member saved $490 on flights to Cancun, Mexico.

The family of 4 paid just $133.16 + 29,640 Southwest points for one-way flights in June. Good news, there are more savings to come. The new member is working with RewardStock to earn more points for the return flights. Check out the full trip breakdown.

Trip Details

RewardStock Member saved $490 on 4 one-way flights to Cancun in June. Member paid just $133.16 + 29,640 Southwest points

Reward Travel Lessons

The latest RewardStock booking highlights 3 important lessons about traveling with points.

First, it’s important to be plan ahead. The outbound flights for this itinerary were booked 6 months before the trip. As a result, the member has time to continue earning points to pay for the return flights in June.

Earning points takes time, which is why we recommend planning large trips 9-12 month in advance. Our suggested timeline gives you enough time to earn more points and get everything booked as early as possible. Typically, there is more availability and better redemptions when you book early. Most airlines release their schedule 330 days in advance.

Second, this itinerary involves 4 travelers. Just like paying cash, more travelers means more points when it comes to flights. But, it can also mean more savings. Determining the number of travelers is a key part in the planning process.

Finally, it’s important to travel together. Airlines have control over the number of available reward seats on a flight. While It’s not impossible, it is not common to find more than 6 reward seats available on the same flight. That is why we limit the search to 6 travelers on RewardStock.

For this itinerary, RewardStock recommended booking 4 one-way flights with the points the member already had in their account. This ensures that all 4 travelers will be on the same flight to Cancun. It would be less than ideal to book 2 round trip flights from Dallas to Cancun and then earn enough points for the other 2 tickets only to find the seats no longer available. Since this member had enough points to book all 4 outbound flights, we went ahead and booked seats for them!

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