Meet Cindy and Art

Cindy and Art are avid cyclists who have biked their way around Europe and the Americas. After an expensive trip to Europe earlier in the year, they wanted to find a more affordable way to take an affordable vacation to cycle in Santa Barbara.

Their Plan

Cindy and Art used RewardStock to find the best credit card reward program. After acquiring their new card, they put all their spending on it for a year. When they were ready to book, they had accrued enough points for first-class flights to and from Los Angeles, for a total out-of-pocket cost of $22.40

Their Vacation

After flying across the country, Cindy and Art are looking forward to traveling to Santa Barbara for their bicycling excursion. Cindy wrote in to tell us “You have no idea how much I appreciate how easy RewardStock made this for me. You guys are so worth it!”