How Does RewardStock Work?

RewardStock is your number one guide to all things reward travel! We simplify travel hacking, so you don’t have to. Save time and money with RewardStock. Here’s everything you need to know about getting started.


1. Create a Profile


The first step is to signup for a free RewardStock account. You can register here. All you need to join is an email address. Your account will keep track of all of your reward programs in one place (frequent flyer miles, hotel points and credit card rewards). You can enter your points manually or sign up for automatic updates. In order to get the best recommendations, it’s important to keep your profile up to date. Our recommendations are based on the details of your account. If the information is not accurate, you may not receive the best possible results.


2. Earn Points


The are two ways to earn travel reward points quickly – travel a lot or take advantage of  large signup bonuses. Credit card companies offer large signup bonuses that accelerate the timeline of earning points. These bonuses typically the range from 15,000 to 60,000 points. Once you meet the minimum spend, you can redeem points and start planning your next trip!

RewardStock provides tailored advice to find the best card for you and your travel goals. Our algorithm gives custom recommendations based on your current profile, monthly credit card budget and travel goals. Our plans are personalized to get YOU the best value.


3. Search Travel


Tell us where you are coming from, where you want to go and the dates of your trip. Our technology will do the rest. See real-time, reward availability on RewardStock. If you do not have enough points right now, we will show you how to earn more points or you can book with cash. if you want to pay cash for travel, you can save 1% by booking through our site.


4. Book It


Great news! No more headaches booking reward travel. We’ll book your reward flight for you! Now the booking process is so easy, you can start relaxing before your vacation.

We charge $10 per booking. If you have a lot of points in your account and destinations on the calendar, you can upgrade your account to unlimited booking. Reach out to our team at for more details.


Start packing your bags! RewardStock makes using your points easier. You’ll wonder how you used to book reward travel before. Any destination. Any budget. Go there with points. Remember, you can save 1% by booking all of your travel through our site – even if you aren’t using points.

Have questions? Talk to one of our RewardStock Point Experts at

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