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Timing is everything. Right? That’s definitely the case for RewardStock member, Bob. He’s a seasoned reward traveler and has used frequent flyer miles to travel to 5 continents in business class.

In the middle of planning his next trip to Johannesburg, Bob encountered something different than his previous bookings. A reward ticket with high ‘Carrier Imposed Fees.’

Remember what we said about timing! Bob recalled seeing RewardStock on Shark Tank. So, he created an account and sent an email to our team asking for some expert advice. Johannesburg is not one of our currently supported destinations, but RewardStock’s Director of Member Success, Hud, was quick to help!

Here’s what Bob had to say:

I placed an American Airline flight on hold pending locking in our lodging. It was from Sarasota, Florida to Johannesburg, South Africa in business class, 150,000 frequent flyer miles for 2 seats. The catch was that American Airlines was charging $854 each for “Carrier Imposed Fees”, $$1,708 total!!! I sent an email to RewardStock kind of desperately on Friday afternoon because my hold expired on Sunday. Hudson answered my plea for assistance about the $1,708 fee. He informed me that the fee was passed along b British Airways. He sent an alternative flight from Tampa rather than Sarasota (about 50 miles additional travel for us) on Qatar Airways. However, the only “extra” was $15.70 in taxes (same as my initial booking) minus the $1,708 fee! Hudson even sent a screen shot with all of the flight information to make me finding the flight easy! I booked it immediately! RewardStock is FANTASTIC, so happy I saw the CEO on Shark Tank a few weeks back!

Thanks to RewardStock, Bob paid $31.40 + 150,000. He saved 1,676.60!

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