Game of Thrones Season 7 Scene Locations Free Travel Guide

Winter is here. That’s right, the popular HBO series Game of Thrones is back and we’re just as excited as you are. In honor of new episodes for Season 7 of the series (streaming now on HBO GO), we decided to take a look at how using RewardStock can help you travel for *free (except mandatory taxes and fees)* to the awesome destinations around the world where the show is filmed. Our friends at Travel and Leisure magazine recently put together a very cool summary showing *where* some of the locations are. Taking that torch a step further, RewardStock shows you how you can actually go there! Who knows, maybe you can be in an episode one day.

And a quick reminder: always be responsible with managing your spending. Follow the golden rule of credit- don’t spend more than you can pay off at the end of the statement. Use RewardStock for customized plans that factor in your budget and your points to get you wherever you want to go with points, instead of cash!


First up on the list is Ireland / Northern Ireland & Scotland:

Follow the three-eyed raven to Winterfell. Home of Jon Snow, Sansa, Arya and Bran among others. Scenes of the icy north are filmed in this natural woody terrain. The scenes just feel so earthy, and that’s what you’ll find in these gorgeous locales. Here’s how RewardStock can show you how to get to Ireland and Scotland using frequent flyer miles instead of cash.

RewardStock travel goal to go to Ireland using points

All it takes is 40K miles to get there from New York, and you can fly direct from EWR Airport in Newark! If you already have some points, RewardStock will customize the plan to account for points you already have, but if you’ve got nothing at all to start out, here’s one way to do it with a single new card. After earning points with that card, you’ll take some Chase Ultimate Rewards points and convert them into British Airways miles (instant transfer). Then you’re off to Dublin and visions of Winterfell.

Next on the list is Iceland:

Among the most uniquely scenic locales on the planet, Iceland is where you can live beyond the wall like the wildlings. The vast landscape sequences from the show come from here. The cave scene were Jon Snow falls in love with Ygritte was filmed here (remember she’s one of the ‘Free Folk’ who live north of the wall whose words will be remembered forever: “You know nothing Jon Snow”). So it’s also a romance destination! This is how RewardStock helps you get cheap flights to Iceland. Oh and by cheap we mean just about free:

Assuming you have no points, we show you how with a single card you can earn enough Ultimate Rewards for this trip. Once you have them, we walk you through making a transfer to Korean Air SkyPass, a partner of Chase, which operates the flight from LGA to KEF. Even if you have no points to start, this plan gets you booked in 2 months time!

Continuing our world tour – Malta:

You are cordially invited to celebrate the union of Daenerys ‘the stormborn’ Targaryen to Khal Drogo. That particular bit of unconventional courtship all took place here. Don’t know where Malta is? Don’t be embarrassed, we won’t tell. It’s a mediterranean island off the southeastern coast of Italy, somewhere between Sicily and the North African coast. The most visually recognizable landmark from the show would have been the Azure Window, a natural rock formation about 30 meters high that tragically collapsed during a storm earlier this year. That’s where Drogo and the ‘mother of dragons’ had their… honeymoon? RewardStock can help you fly to Malta:

RewardStock travel goal for Malta using points

Who knew it was this easy to get to such an undercover locale? This plan has involves acquiring new points (for the newbies) and making a single transfer before booking. Each step is laid out in the detail of your RewardStock plan. Simple as that! It’s just a single connection coming from JFK and connecting through Madrid. Next stop, Malta!

Apparently, there’s lots to do in Croatia:

Head up – you can go to King’s Landing with points! (too soon Ned?) Croatia is home to the gem of Westeros, home of the Iron Throne, King’s Landing as well as the House of the Undying (better have a dragon handy), Qarth and Braavos, where clever warriors are made. A girl has no name and there are many other many-faced mysteries to uncover. For the non-superfan, there’s also a rapidly emerging nightlife and beach scene in Croatia that is attracting more American tourists as it develops. Want to see how you can get a cheap vacation to Croatia with points? RewardStock has you covered: 

RewardStock travel goal to go to Croatia using points

If you’ve got no miles or points to start out, your best bet might be the one laid out above. It helps you earn points in the airline currency directly to get a roundtrip to sunny Croatia. No transfers needed here, just get the right card, earn and go! La Guardia (LGA) to Croatia through IAD and Frankfurt. Bonus if you get to spend some time in the VIP lounges while you travel.

Let’s finish our trip in Spain / Morocco

Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. Such are the words of the House of Martell from Dorne. Land of fearsome Sand-Snakes, you don’t mess with these warriors. The beautifully sandy scenes are filmed mostly in Seville, Spain and Morocco (just across the pond from the southern tip of Spain, in northern Africa).  If you want to get to Spain with miles and points, here’s how:

Image of RewardStock plan to go to Madrid with points

Ah, Spain. Te amo. There are a few ways to get this one done. We like the approach above. It’s a direct flight from New York and there are several carrier options for how to get there. We opt for a transfer strategy here for the most efficient way forward for newbies. All it takes is about 2 months to earn the points.

That’s all for this list, but the epic Game of Thrones saga by George R. R. Martin continues, and so do our efforts to see the world for as little cash as possible! Hope you’ll join us.

Hmm… anybody know if you can use hotel points to stay at King’s Landing?

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