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RewardStock Minimum Savings Guarantee

The RewardStock Minimum Savings Guarantee means that RewardStock will show you a plan to get flights and/or hotel accommodations to/in the destination(s) of your choice for at least $500 less than the published cost found on popular travel search websites or we will refund your membership fee. Plans may include one or more 'earning' steps, where we will instruct you on how to earn more reward points in a shorter time-frame within your stated budget. You will be eligible for a membership fee refund any time between completing your initial call and receiving your first plan, all of which must happen within the first month of account creation. If the retail cost of your requested travel plans totals less than $500, any plan for the requested travel will satisfy this guarantee.

If you do not request a travel plan, if you do not follow the steps of the plan, or if you do not schedule and complete your initial and follow up calls as instructed, within the first month of membership, you will not be eligible for a refund.

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