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My trip is in 3 months, can I still use RewardStock?

My trip is in 3 months, can I still use RewardStock?

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Yes! Login to your RewardStock account, check your current point balances, search reward availability and book your trip! If you do not have enough points or there’s limited reward availability, we can help you with earning points for a future trip!

Airline and Hotel Availability

Airlines and hotels control all flight, hotel and date availability. Unfortunately, this is not something that we can impact. Just like when booking flights or hotels with cash, there may not be any seats or rooms available on your selected dates. So if possible, flexibility with your dates (and even location) can be key in getting the most value out of your points.

Generally speaking, flights are going to be more difficult to find availability than hotels, especially international flights. Basic math will tell us that there are a limited number of seats on flights of certain routes, where there may be 20+ hotels with 100+ hotel rooms in a city. Premium cabin bookings tend to book up quicker than economy class.

RewardStock Tips

Typically, we recommend planning a large trip 9-12 months in advance. Because, this gives you enough time to get the points needed and book your flights and hotels.

It is best to book as far in advance as possible to get the most value of your points and have the best chance of securing your trip. But it’s ok if you just found out about us. It’s never too late to get started – we can help you earn points towards the next trip!