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Welcome to RewardStock!

We’re excited to help you start traveling with points! Getting started with RewardStock is easy. All you have to do is set up your account, search for flights and then book your trip. Follow this guide and you’ll be on your way to saving a bunch of money on travel. The average RewardStock member saves $1,200 per booking.

If you don’t have any points right now, no problem! By checking out RewardStock, you are one step closer to taking your first trip with points! Our technology will show you how to earn points and in no time, you’ll be saving money on travel too! Many of our most successful users start out with no points. We’re here to help you get amazing travel experiences paid for with points and miles.

How to set up your RewardStock account:

Setting up your RewardStock account is simple. Just follow these 4 quick steps and you’ll be on your way to booking your next trip with points.

    Add your current credit cards to RewardStock

    The first thing to do is update your credit card inventory. We do not need your financial information. We just want to know which cards you have so we can recommend new cards, should you need them, or give spending suggestions for cards you already have in your wallet.

    You can quickly add your cards under “My Cards.” Follow this guide to add your cards to your RewardStock account.

    Add your current points to RewardStock

    Simply put: your points dictate the trips you can take. If you have any frequent flyer miles, hotel points or credit card rewards enter them into your RewardStock account under “My Points.” Your point portfolio helps our technology look at all the available flights and compare options to maximize your points with a customized, strategic plan.

    We searched through thousands of different trip combination to find you the best travel plan based on your preferences and your available rewards. Follow this guide to add your points to your RewardStock account and check out the full list of reward programs supported by RewardStock.

    Customize your preferences

    Personalize your RewardStock portfolio by answering a few quick questions. Under “Preferences” and “Settings,” you will pick your monthly range of spending on credit cards. This helps us determine the best cards that you may be eligible for. Understanding your monthly spending habits will help our technology determine whether or not you can meet the minimum spend.

    You can also select your tolerance of opening new cards and let us know whether or not you’re a business owner.

    Set your Home Airport

    Your home airport is smartly selected by our technology when you sign up for your account. We store your closest major airport. If you want to change your home airport at any time, you can do so under “Preferences” or from the left side of your dashboard.

    Follow this guide to update your home airport.

How to complete a search with RewardStock

RewardStock members have flexibility in searching for flights within their account. We currently support these origins and destinations and are in the process of adding more.

There are 2 ways to find flights using RewardStock:

    Have a specific trip in mind? Use our search menu to find flights for you. Follow this helpful guide to customize your search results. You can customize your search results in the following ways:

      One way or roundtrip flights
      Number of passengers (up to six passengers)
      Specific dates
      *Note: the best way to maximize the value of your points is to have flexibility in your dates, which is why we have you select a month of travel first. On the results page, you can pick your specific dates and flight times. See “How to navigate search results” below for more details.
      Number of stops
      Time of departure
      Time of return
      Economy, Business, or First Class
      Which rewards program you would like to use

    In order to provide our members with the most success booking reward travel, we show availability one month from today through the end of airlines’ award calendar, which is typically 330 days out.

    Love to travel, but not sure where you want to go next? Use our “Explore” section to get inspired!

    On your dashboard, you will find great trip recommendations. Explore top destinations that RewardStock users have booked in the past. Click on a destination to see what you can book today or save a customized plan to go in the future. Follow this helpful guide to the “Explore” section.

How to navigate your search results

You’ve completed a search or explored one of our top destinations. Now, it’s time to select your dates, flight times, and specific flights. Follow this detailed guide to navigate your search results.

If you have all the points necessary to book your flights and are happy with your current savings, you can continue onto booking after picking your flights.

If you don’t have the points required to book right now, you can create a plan to earn the remaining points. We show you customized strategies to earn the rest of the points. Just click “Create Plan” and your desired trip will be saved under “My Travel Plans” for you to reference as you make progress on your earnings goal.

How to book with RewardStock

You’ve set up your account, completed a search, selected your flights and now it’s time to book your amazing trip with points! We take care of everything so you can save a bunch of money and have a more enjoyable trip!

Booking is as simple as filling in your passenger details, setting your pricing tolerance and paying your $10 booking fee. Follow this easy guide to booking with RewardStock.

Then you will schedule a phone call to complete the booking. Just make sure you schedule the call when you are in front of your computer with your *login information readily available so we can walk you through everything. The average RewardStock member is saving $1,200 on flights!

Need help? Email our support team.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Just send us an email to or schedule a call. We also have a comprehensive frequently asked questions section for self help.

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