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How to update your home airport

How to update your home airport

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When you sign up for RewardStock, our technology saves the closest major airport. Here’s the full list of origin and destinations currently supported by RewardStock. We are adding more origins and destinations on a routine basis.

Want to complete a search from a different airport? Follow this step-by-step guide to update your “Home Airport.”

Step 1: Edit your home airport in “My Account”

Step 1: update home airport in My Account

Step 2: Edit and update from “My Account” > “General”

Step 2: Edit and update home airport from My Account, General

Click in the text box and search for your preferred “Home Airport.” You can search by airport code or city. For example, you could search CLT or Charlotte to get Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Step 3: Return to your dashboard and search from your updated home airport

Step 3: Your home airport has been updated, return to your dashboard

Now that your home airport is updated, you can complete a search or explore destinations from your dashboard.

Have questions about updating your home airport? Please send us an email at