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How to activate RewardBoost

How to activate RewardBoost

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Want to get the best reward card for each year, automatically? Save time researching credit card options and skip the hassle of the application by activating RewardBoost™.

RewardBoost™ is the fast and easy way to earn travel reward points. RewardStock will find you the best travel card and get the card for you. Check out our full blog post about RewardBoost™.

Step 1: Activate RewardBoost™

There are 3 locations for you to activate RewardBoost™.

1. When you first create your RewardStock account, prior to adding any reward cards, you can activate by following the steps at the top of the screen. Click “Learn More.”

Instructions on how to activate RewardBoost prior to adding reward cards

2. If you have already added reward cards to your profile, you can activate RewardBoost™ at any point by clicking “My Cards” from the menu.

Instructions on how to activate RewardBoost from My Cards

The RewardBoost™ activation link “Learn More” is located in the left column.

3. Click “My Account” > “Settings & Activation” to activate or deactivate RewardBoost™ at any time.

Instructions to activate RewardBoost_My Account

Activate RewardBoost™ by turning on the button.

Instructions to activate RewardBoost under My Account

Click “Continue” to go to the RewardBoost™ application.

Step 2: RewardBoost™ Timeline

Once you have finished reading about the RewardBoost™ timeline, scroll down to the application.

Scroll down to the RewardBoost application

Step 3: Application

Complete the personal and financial information. All RewardBoost™ information is securely stored through SSL encryption.

RewardBoost application personal information

RewardBoost application - financial information

Think you may qualify for a business card? Check out our FAQ about who qualifies for a business card.

RewardBoost application - business information

Step 4: “Activate RewardBoost™”

Activate RewardBoost by clicking

That’s it! You’ve finished your RewardBoost™ application. Now, you can sit back and relax. You will be matched with the perfect card and will receive a Card Match email from our team. Then you just have to confirm your recommended card and wait for it arrive in the mail.

*Note that we will get you one card per year under the RewardBoost™ program. If you choose to apply for more, you can always follow our best recommendations based on your current points portfolio under “My Cards.”

Repeat the process again next year for even more points!

You can activate or deactivate RewardBoost™ at anytime. Here’s our guide to deactivating RewardBoost™.

Have questions about RewardBoost™? Please send us an email at