How much does RewardStock cost? What’s your business model?

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RewardStock costs $39 per year. Membership includes:

  • Strategic earning guidance
  • Search best reward deals around the world
  • Customize parameters for your situation
  • Algorithm-powered search results
  • Easy “one-click” reward bookings

The average user savings with RewardStock is $1,200. Sign up today and start saving money on travel!

RewardStock Business Model

We charge an annual membership fee of $39 / year.

In many circumstances, our users would benefit from getting a new product (like a credit card) to earn more points. We get credit for making those referrals and earn a fee from the issuers. It doesn’t cost you anything to help us make money. Simply choose to follow our links any time you are applying for a new credit card, and the issuers will thank us for sending them good leads.


Subscribe to our free, RewardOptions™ newsletter to get helpful tips. Membership includes:

  • Education about how “travel-hacking” works
  • List of top reward deals from your home airport emailed monthly
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