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How do we calculate reward values?

How do we calculate reward values?

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Have you ever wondered what your credit card rewards, frequent flyer miles, hotel points are actually worth? RewardStock calculates the reward values for you.

Our technology analyzes millions of data points to calculate the average cents per reward (¢pr) you can expect to get from each program.

What are my points worth?

Our reward valuations provide the monetary value of credit card rewards, frequent flyer miles and hotel points. We show how much value you would gain or lose if you transfer your reward points to partner programs. As well as, how the reward values compare to the points of direct competitors.

How does RewardStock calculate reward values?

RewardStock determines the value of airline rewards based on the redemption values of one-way or round-trip flights from the primary hubs of the airline and other popular routes that the airline flies. We base the redemption costs on the cash value that you’d find using popular travel search engines, and the points amounts based on the standard redemption rates for the program.

When it comes to hotels, we use the cash value of a standard room and the points amount based on the standard redemption rate for the program.

For example, suppose it would cost you 80,000 frequent-flyer rewards + $5.60 in cash fees and taxes to get a trip that would otherwise cost $1,005.60. The net cash value of the redemption is $1,000 (the amount you save by using rewards to book the trip). Therefore this redemption would be valued at 1.25 cents per reward (¢pr).

With credit card programs that are transferable, we value the points based on the underlying transfer partner redemption rates.

RewardStock ¢pr Ticker

The RewardStock cents per reward (¢pr) Ticker displays up-to-date, in-depth, data-based valuations for rewards program points. If you have a travel hacking blog or website, you can add the RewardStock ¢pr Ticker to your site. Share this valuable insight with your audience!