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How do I customize my flight search?

How do I customize my flight search?

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We understand that you have preferences when you travel. That’s why we allow you to customize your flight search to find the best option for you.

Step 1: Select Destination

Start by entering your destination in the search bar at the top of the screen. The search bar will expand with customizable criteria to meet your travel needs.

Step 1 to customize flight search results is to select your destination

Step 2: Choose Number of Travelers

Traveling with another passenger? You can search reward flights for up to six travelers. Press ‘+’ to add travelers and ‘’ to decrease the number of travelers.

Step 2 to customizing your search in RewardStock is to Choose Number of Travelers

Step 3: Choose Dates

Want to go to Honolulu during summer vacation? Select the depart and return dates of travel the calendar.

Step 3 to customize your flight search with RewardStock is to choose your travel dates from the calendar

Step 4: Select One-way or Round Trip

Are you looking of a one-way flight to get you to San Francisco or round trip flights to get you there and back? Select the button that fits your trip.

Step 4 for customizing your flight search with RewardStock is to choose round trip flights or one-way flights

Step 5: Choose Carriers

Do you have loyalty towards a certain airline? Choose which airline(s) you would like us to search under the ‘All Carriers’ drop down.

Step 5 to customizing flight search is to choose carriers

Step 6: Set Cabin Class

Prefer to fly business class or first class? No problem (we do, too!). You can change your cabin class in the drop down where you see ‘Economy.’

Step 6 for customizing your flight search is to set cabin class - economy, business class or first class

Step 7: Limit Rewards Programs

Our default search criteria includes all rewards programs to offer you the most flexibility and availability with your search results options. If you would prefer to use (or not use) certain rewards programs, you can select those under the ‘Payments’ drop down.

Step 7 for customizing flight search is to limit reward programs

Step 8: Complete the ‘Search’

Step 8 for customizing flight search is to complete the ‘search'

Keep in mind that while we offer customization to meet your needs, the best way to use points for travel and save a bunch of money is by being as flexible as you can be. We understand that certain situations determine your preferences, so we’re here to help you book the best options within your desired criteria.

Once you have completed your search, follow this detailed guide to navigate your flight search results.