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What are airline alliances?

What are airline alliances?

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Airline alliances are partnership agreements between airlines around the world. These partnerships are made up of large, international airlines and small, regional airlines.There are 3 major alliances: oneworldSkyTeam and Star Alliance.

Benefits of airline alliances:

Visit more destinations

Thanks to the alliances, you can fly one network of airlines to almost any location around the world. The partnerships open the door to all the routes operated by alliance airlines – increasing the number of destination you can travel.  As a result, you are not confined to the geographical limitations of one carrier. The sky’s the limit!

For example: you want fly United Airlines from New York to Johannesburg, South Africa. United does not fly to South Africa, but South African Airways does.  South African Airways and United Airlines are member of the same airline alliance, Star Alliance. So, you could fly from New York to London on United, and then fly from London to Johannesburg on South African Airways on the same ticket.

Maximize the value of you points

Because an alliance is a partnership, you can use frequent flyer miles from one airline to book a flight on another airline within the network. Alliances allow you more flexibility and sometimes may give you a better value on your points.

For example, you have AAdvantage Miles and want to fly to Hong Kong. Only, there’s no availability on American Airlines flights, but there are flights on Cathay Pacific. Cathay Pacfic and American Airlines are are both members of the oneworld alliance. Therefore, you can use your American Airline AAdvantage Miles to book the flight on Cathay Pacific.

What’s next?

All major US carriers are members of an alliance. American Airlines is a member of the oneworld alliance, Delta Air Lines is a member of the Skyteam alliance and United Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance. RewardStock understands and takes all of these alliances into consideration when showing you plans. So, you can ensure you are getting the best value from your points. Sign up today to see how airline alliances can help you #gotherewithpoints!

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