Meet Emily and Roland

Emily and Roland wanted to take a dream honeymoon to Australia – without waking up to a nightmare of debt. The NYC natives had big plans. After all, they only intend to take one honeymoon. Better make it count!

Their Plan

Emily and Roland opened up four credit cards each. Over the course of a year, they used RewardStock’s suggestions to determine which cards to use to pay their day-to-day expenses and wedding costs. They used their rewards points to fly business class back and forth to Australia and to spend eight nights in 5-star hotels – a savings of about $29,000!

Their Vacation

Emily and Roland flew in comfort to Australia, where they spent twelve days exploring the best it has to offer. They toured the Great Ocean Road outside Melbourne. They splashed on the sandy shores of the Great Barrier Reef. They even took a helicopter tour out of Hamilton Island for a bird’s eye view! And after the trip was over, their credit scores actually increased. How’s that for a wedding present?