6 Overlooked Credit Card Benefits

Credit cards offer great ways to earn rewards for travel, but did you know that there are more benefits to having a credit card than just the points you earn? When applying for a new credit card, it’s important to not only pay attention to the bonus points earned, spending category bonuses, and interest rates, but you should also take a look at that card’s other benefits. While these are typically advertised, many people are not aware of the benefits their cards provide, so we wanted to point a few of them out.

Lounge access: Have a long layover? With the right credit cards, you might actually be looking forward to it! Some cards give you access to airport lounges, which feature V.I.P. waiting areas with couches and televisions, computers you can use, and of course free food and drinks. In fact, some of the fancier lounges even have showers and free massages. So you can actually enjoy your layover, while tucked away from crowded and noisy airport gates. Not only are lounges a great place to be productive or relax, but they can also save you money on food and drinks, typically with five star service!

No foreign transaction fees: Heading overseas? Be prepared to pay an additional 3% or more on every purchase you make with a credit card and high fees on ATM withdrawals. That is, unless your card has one greatly under appreciated perk. Some of the best cards for travel have no foreign transaction fees, which means that you can spend a little more freely when you’re out experiencing international travel.

Rental car insurance: This one can be a money saver for travelers. The RewardStock team never pays for that extra insurance at the counter. Instead, we just use the right cards when paying for rental cars. Cards by Chase and others provide primary rental car insurance when the rental car is booked with the card. No need to pay for the coverage through the rental car agency and that means instant savings.

Free checked bags: With many airlines now charging $25 or more per checked bag, some credit cards are giving their users a break on this cost by offering free checked bags. Need to bring those golf clubs on your next flight? Having the right card means you can check those for free.

Lost luggage reimbursement: Lost luggage or even a broken handle on a suitcase aren’t as much of a hassle with this benefit from some credit cards. Know this perk and you could be covered up to $3,000 per passenger if you or your immediate family member’s checked or carry-on bags are damaged or lost.

Purchase protection: Peace of mind is what we’re talking about here, especially for expensive purchases. Maybe your toddler spilled juice over your new laptop or your new camera was stolen. Some credit cards will actually reimburse you for items that were lost or damaged. Just be sure to read the fine print and understand the limits and terms.

Not every card features all of these benefits. But make sure you are familiar with any that might be associated with your cards, and if you have them, use them!