2018: Year in Review

RewardStock Users saved more than $100,000 on flights since November.

The last few weeks have been very exciting for the RewardStock Team! In case you missed it, RewardStock Founder & CEO, Jon Hayes, was on Shark Tank (watch the full episode), and his pitch was on fire!

Spoiler alert: RewardStock landed a deal with Mark Cuban and we are thrilled!!

RewardStock Team at our Shark Tank viewing party!h

4/5 of the RewardStock Team at our Shark Tank viewing party!

2018 In Review

RewardStock has gone through quite a few changes over the last year. We launched a new website, updated some of the features you already love and added availability and booking to the platform.

Explore our new look. The new layout makes it easier for you to plan and book reward travel. Get inspired by our new “Explore” section or search one of our popular destinations. Follow this helpful guide get started.

Searches powered by reward availability. Now, you can use RewardStock to search flight availability. Our technology will find the best redemption combination based on your trip preferences, current points and available options. If you don’t have enough points, our technology will recommend a plan to earn the right points.

Stress-free reward booking. For lots of users, booking reward flights can be a pain. That’s why we continue to enhance our booking feature. Now, you select your itinerary, pay the $10 booking fee and schedule a booking call. A member of our team will walk you through the entire process.

Save time researching credit card options with RewardBoost™. Skip the hassle of finding and opening the best card for you. Activate RewardBoost™ and we’ll make sure you have the perfect reward card every year.


User Success & Savings

RewardStock’s Director of Member Success, Hud Callaway, has been very busy working with members this year. He’s helped users book a weekend getaway to New York City, a honeymoon to Tahiti and family vacation to Honolulu, to name a few.

RewardStock users are traveling the world with points! Since Thanksgiving, RewardStock Users have saved $95,372 on flights.

Booking Highlights

  • Amsterdam: 2 one-way business class flights for $43.40 + 140,000 points
  • Cancun: member saved $556.44 on 2 round trip flights
  • Dubai: one-way flight for $85.48 + 42,500 points
  • Honolulu: 3 round trip flights for $33.30 + 135,000 points
  • Tahiti: 2 round trip flights for $124.66 + 220,000 points (mixed cabin)
  • Orlando: member saved $932.40 on 3 round trip flights
  • London: 3 one-way flights for $16.80 + 90,000 points
  • Singapore: 2 round trip flights for $128.86 + 160,000 points
  • Cancun: 2 round trip flights for $168.04 + 28,080 points
  • Los Angeles: 2 first class flights for $22.40 + 125,000 points
  • Dublin: 2 return flights for $101.26 + 60,000 points
  • New York City: member saved $816.89 on 4 round trip flights

Is it bad to be jealous of your members? Maybe they can take us along in their suitcases!

We can’t wait to see where you will go next! Be sure to check out all of our User Success Stories. Send us an email at hello@rewardstock.com to share your experience using points and you could be featured in 2019!

RewardBoost by RewardStock feature imageRewardStock is awarded ‘Best PR 2018’ at the 2019 Triangle Tweener Celebration.